Soft Peanut Brittle
Soft Peanut Brittle

Soft Peanut Brittle

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Gourmet Soft & Flaky Peanut Brittle
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Our light, flaky, delicious "classic" soft peanut brittle

A truly inspired taste experience where the candy melts in your mouth, instead of sticking in your teeth like traditional brittle candy.

Soft peanut brittle is a popular delicacy in the Inland Northwest, the deep South, and Southeast Asia (to the best of our knowledge), and ours is some of the best you'll find anywhere in the country.

We only use the finest ingredients across the board in our pursuit of excellence.  The difference is clear in the exquisite "roasted peanut" taste, candied peanuts, and incredible texture of our soft brittle. We may not have come up with the idea for soft peanut brittle, but we're on a mission to perfect it!

Our soft peanut brittle is cooked using a carefully crafted hand-made process, made by hand and hand-pulled on a marble slab. It contains no wheat, dairy, egg, or tree nuts, and is vegan-friendly. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are used. (NOTE: we are not a gluten-free facility).

Shelf life is over 6 months, if kept away from high humidity (do NOT refrigerate). Keep in your pantry, and for long-term storage seal in an airtight container.

ALSO available gift boxed as one pound or two pound sizes.


YOU PICK THE CANDY: $22-109 plus shipping. Gift box options are 1/2lb (2 selections), 1lb (2 or 4 selections), 2lb (4 or 8 selections), or 3lb (12 selections) and includes a gift note of your choice.


COOLER SEASON: we offer flat rate economy shipping of $7 (under 1lb) or $8-12 (1-3lbs, by zones), plus other options indexed in real-time to the USPS and UPS rate tables. READ THE FULL ADVISORY on the shipping page during checkout, as there are no refunds for melted candy sent via economy shipping.

WARM SEASON: During warmer months where confections will melt in transit, the best shipping option is insulated cold-packed UPS 2nd Day Air (ranges from $25-35 flat rate up to 3lbs or higher weights via live rate tables). Obviously, it's a higher shipping cost, but we want your confections to arrive as pretty as they left our doors. To avoid our confections melting in transit over a weekend, cold pack shipments are sent out MONDAY-WEDNESDAY ONLY.

Shipping note for orders with ONLY SOFT PEANUT BRITTLE: If you are wanting to order ONLY soft peanut brittle (no other flavors of brittle, no chocolates or toffees) these CAN go via regular economy ground shipping methods, as soft brittle is a more heat stable, and while it will soften at temps in the 80's and 90's, it won't completely melt. It WILL GET SOFT above around 90 degrees, but if left at room temperature upon unboxing it will regain its (slightly) firmer consistency again. So if you wish to get ONLY soft brittle but you live in a warmer region where our checkout system defaults to the more expensive cold-pack methods, please contact us and we can facilitate an order for you with the lower-cost shipping options.

Orders normally ship within 2 business days.

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