Sea Salt Almond 72 Dark
Sea Salt Almond

Sea Salt Almond 72 Dark

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Sea Salt Almond 72 Dark
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Another Robinson Soft Brittle original recipe creation...Sea Salt Almond 72 Dark™ (4oz bag)

An absolutely delightful flavor profile with couverture-grade 72% dark chocolate (blend of West African and South American cacao), with Maldon sea salt flake from England, and organic roasted almonds, all while keeping it low-carb and health-conscious.


* Made with couverture grade chocolate - The top tier of chocolate generally used for truffles, bonbons, and more exotic chocolates, it has higher cocoa butter content relative to other ingredients, the cacao beans are ground finer for a smoother and creamier texture, and it's noted for a deeper and more full-bodied flavor. We use a blend of Trinitario and Forestero cacao beans from West Africa and South America.
[READ MORE on couverture chocolate]

* Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb, & Vegan-friendly. Ultra-clean ingredients list.

* Just 2g net carbs and 10g fiber (with added Inulin, a natural source of prebiotic fiber) per 1oz serving

* Sweetened just a touch with organic coconut sugar, which is made from the nectar of coconut trees. ZERO refined sugar and ZERO sugar alcohols.

* Organic roasted almonds

* Sea Salt flake from Maldon, England. A firm with a royal warrant to supply their sea salt flake to the royal family.

* All ingredients are fair trade certified: Local cooperatives and farms growing cacao, coffee, and vanilla receive fair wages to provide them with health care, education, and infrastructure with a steady price for economic stability. This also means sustainable agricultural practices and restricted use of agrochemicals.

* Our chocolate is also Rainforest Alliance Certified: Produced by local cacao farmers using sustainable methods.

NOTE: Dark chocolate DOES have a bit of caffeine...but an ounce of dark chocolate only contains about 25mg (equal to 2oz of brewed coffee, or a tiny sip of espresso!).

Ingredients: Cacao beans, organic coconut sugar (from the nectar of coconut trees), inulin, cocoa butter, organic roasted almonds, sea salt.
Allergens: Tree nuts. However, it is produced in a facility that also produced candies with peanuts, milk chocolate, and wheat flour (even though we are very careful about cleaning all production surfaces, pans, utensils, packaging areas, etc).


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