Expedition Meal Replacement Bar
Expedition Meal Replacement Bar

Expedition Meal Replacement Bar (Cranberry-Raisin)

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For people who love the taste of our original Expedition Energy Bar but aren't engaged in endurance sports/activities and just want a quick bite when skipping a meal or on the run, we're happy to announce our fantastic meal bar.

We started with some fantastic ingredients...peanuts, peanut butter, dried cranberries, raisin medley, gluten-free rolled oats, and cinnamon...added a minimal amount of our soft peanut brittle candy to hold it all together...and came up with what is simply the best tasting meal bar you will ever try. We only use the highest quality ingredients, including peanut butter with fully hydrogenated vegetable oil...which means no trans fats and no inflammatory response with your cholesterol...but a six month shelf life!

Do we add sugar? Of course. If a bar tastes good, they've probably added some sugar. But our 1.9oz meal bar (with 280 calories and 25g total sugar) is only 35.7% calories from ALL sugar sources (which includes the raisins and cranberries...which are a low glycemic load glucose-fructose). In fact, with just 9g added sugar, this meal bar has less sugar than most name brand cups of yogurt, or a quarter cup of most fruit juices.

This is well within WebMD's guidelines for a "optimal meal replacement bar" standard. In fact, we also meet their standard with over 3g fiber (ours has 4g), and having at least 5g protein (ours has 7g). The only place they would ding us is for having more fat...but with peanuts and peanut butter, that comes with the territory. But with just 2.5g saturated fat per bar (13% of the USRDA), we're still in pretty good territory even there.

Meal Bar Label

With the Expedition Meal Bars...you're getting a solid meal replacement bar that will satisfy your hunger and taste great.

Shipping in the heatSUMMER HEAT NOTE: 
While the ENERGY and RECOVERY bars stand up well to warm conditions, if the MEAL bar gets really hot (like left in a hot car) it could get pretty soft.

If left out at ambient temperature it will firm back up.

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