Expedition Bar
Expedition Bar

Expedition Energy Bar (Cranberry-Raisin)

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We started with some fantastic ingredients...peanuts, peanut butter, dried cranberries, raisin medley, gluten-free rolled oats, and cinnamon...added some of our soft peanut brittle candy to hold it all together and provide the quick blood sugar boost...and came up with what is simply the best tasting energy bar you will ever try. And remember...we only use the highest quality ingredients, including peanut butter with fully hydrogenated vegetable oil...which means no trans fats and no inflammatory response with your cholesterol...but a six month shelf life!

A lot of bar for the money: 
At just $1.16/oz this bar is priced to be highly competitive with the other top-tier energy bars...only this is one bar you will actually look forward to eating.

Expedition Energy Bar

The all-new Expedition Bar™ for on-demand energy boost.

When doing any sort of sustained strenuous activity, the human body is a highly efficient machine, and needs a combination of nutrients. But carbs remain the most effective fuel source for quick energy. 
  • FAST FUEL: Simple carbs (the peanut candy base) quickly replenish glycogen. 
  • "BONK" PREVENTION (NO BLOOD SUGAR CRASH): Fruit-based carbs that take longer (than the simple sugar) to break down into blood glucose (the fructose in dried cranberries and raisins is a low-glycemic sugar), along with cinnamon and rolled oats (both of which stabilize blood sugar AND rolled oats are a carb fuel) to keep you from crashing.  
  • SUSTAINED ENERGY: A mix of protein and fat (peanuts & peanut butter) for longer-lasting energy. Also, peanuts and peanut butter are very low glycemic index foods (15 and 22, respectively).
  • ELECTROLYTES: Sodium and potassium are two of the critical electrolytes your body needs when working hard. We give you over 200mg/serving of each!

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