(208) 610-1880 • Email: [email protected]

PHONE ORDERS & INQUIRIES (JAN-OCT): 10AM-4PM Tuesday through Friday
We do try to answer and/or return calls other days/times where possible, even if we're away at food shows, visiting regional retailers, or at special events.
EMAIL INQUIRIES & ORDER STATUS: This email account is checked frequently (from 10AM well into the evening hours) Monday through Saturday. We return emails promptly.

We are closed on the following holidays:
New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day.
During the 2023 Christmas holiday, we are closed from 6PM on December 22nd (our final will-call lobby day of the season) through Christmas Day. During the Christmas-to-New Year's break our will call lobby is closed, but we are taking online/phone orders and shipping.


January 2nd through October 31st: By Appointment Only
November 1st through December 20th: Set hours announced each season

Shipping warehouse & Will Call Lobby: 9991 N. Lyle Loop Ste B, Hayden, ID 83835

Ordering & Shipping

We accept MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa.

Warm Weather Shipping Advisory

Chocolate (and the chocolate on our English Toffee) gets soft and starts to melt at temps over about 75-80 degrees. Even if the ambient air temp is in the 60's, if a shipment is in a hot delivery vehicle in the sun, candy can very easily wind up arriving looking considerably worse for the wear. We don't want that...you don't want that.


  1. If you do not select COLD PACK EXPEDITED shipping and your order melts, we CANNOT replace or refund your order.
    Please look at the weather between northern Idaho and your desired shipping destination to see if your package must travel through warm areas. (Example: While coastal San Diego may be 70º and lovely in June, economy ground shipping means the package will go through Las Vegas on I-15 and chocolate will melt enroute).
    Soft Peanut Brittle is pretty heat stable, so if you want to send a box of candy via economy shipping, please send Soft Peanut Brittle, which will get soft in the heat but will firm back up nicely at room temperature.
    Due to the volume of shipments, we do not individual follow up on the progress of every package that leaves our production facility. Please be sure when you receive tracking information from us that you FOLLOW UP to see when your package is arriving, either to you or to the person to whom you have sent a gift.
    NOTE: Unless you have selected expedited cold pack shipping, it's important to understand that no economy ground deliveries have guaranteed delivery dates, and anything you may see for USPS or UPS ground shipments are estimated dates only.
  3. BE HOME FOR DELIVERY (or have your gift recipient home to receive their gift).
    We understand the amazing element of a surprise gift. But a person arriving home at 7PM after a long day working in a Florida summer to find a melting box of candy on their doorstep is not very "gifty". Even a cold-packed insulated box of candy will melt if left out in the heat long enough. Much better to have someone expecting a "surprise gift" and be home awaiting a beautiful box of candy.
    Suggestion: Ship to a person's gift to their place of work, where it's more likely to be climate-controlled.
    IF you purchased COLD PACK EXPEDITED shipping and your order melts, we will replace your order at our expense provided it is reported to us within 12 hours of the posted delivery time (which we can see in our tracking software).
    Cold-Packed EXPEDITED orders ship Mon-Wed only. Any cold-pack orders received after 11:00AM Pacific Time on Wednesday will ship the following Monday to avoid melting over a weekend.

Feel free to contact us with questions prior to ordering if you have any concerns. We're happy to check shipping routes and daytime highs in your region and advise you on the need to cold pack and order in warm weather.

With candy shipping just follow the best practice: If ever in doubt...COLD PACK SHIP.

ECONOMY GROUND SHIPPING (Flat rates, before $20-50 shipping discounts applied for order totals of $100, $150, or $250+)
Nationwide (up to 1/2lb): $7
Western of the Rockies:
(1/2lb to 3lbs): $8
(1/2lb to 3lbs): $10
Eastern of the Mississippi River, Hawaii, Alaska
(1/2lb to 3lbs): $12
Delivery time for economy shipping is generally 3-5 days per map below. (Orange is 1-2 days, Yellow is 2-4 days, etc)

OVER 3 LBS (via USPS) is computed in real-time from UPS and USPS Priority rate tables.

UPS: We offer UPS Ground and Expedited shipping. For packages up to 3lbs, we offer various flat rate 2nd Day Air and cold pack shipping rates. For UPS packages over 3lbs, we link to real-time rate tables for shipping costs.
COLD PACK EXPEDITED (up to 3lbs, West of the Rockies): $25
COLD PACK EXPEDITED (up to 3lbs, East of the Rockies): $35

Corporate Ordering

Order Changes/

We are happy to work with businesses to provide special pricing for bulk purchasing for client gifts and employee appreciation/incentives, supplier and vendor gifts, etc. On orders placed over 45 days in advance of the pickup/shipping date, we bill 1/3 up front, 1/3 thirty days prior to pickup/shipping, and the final 1/3 three business days prior to pickup/shipping. For orders placed within 45 days of desired pickup/shipping date, we bill half up front and the remainder 3-5 business days prior to the scheduled shipping or pick up date.

After an order has entered our production schedule (roughly 45 days prior to delivery date) and we have allocated resources for it, the order is final. 

Changes to orders may be made before the order enters our production schedule. After that time, reasonable additions to an order are usually possible but deleting items off an order already in production is not possible. Again, it's a simple question of our business needing to allocate resources to effectively serve our clients. 

LARGE HOLIDAY ORDER CHANGES: We generally put large orders into production 30-45 days prior to the shipping/pick-up date. Once we are within the 30-day window, we may not be able to alter an order's selections or sizes, although we can generally add to an order without issue.

The bottom line is that we will seriously endeavor to be responsive to your needs to the greatest extent possible within the confines of our production schedule here.

If you ever have a problem or concern about an order, we want to hear about it immediately. There is no excuse for poor service, not from us, not from anybody. We pride ourselves on not only making unique and superior confections but in taking care of those who choose to do business with us.

The bottom line is that the axioms of service, quality, price, and performance don't change just because you order via the internet. You get what you pay for in life.


Pamela Robinson, Founder and Owner

Robinson Confections, LLC
(formerly Robinson Soft Brittle)

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