1lb PICK 4
1lb PICK 4

Custom Gift Box - PICK 4

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(NOTE: If you are looking for a 1lb gift box with ONLY SOFT PEANUT BRITTLE, those are available here at a lower price)

Brittle. Bark. Toffee. 
Get them all in one delicious build-your-own custom box!

Select any four 1/4lb choices of our delicious gourmet candy to fill a one-pound box! 

Treat yourself, take it as a gift to your next get-together or corporate party, or use our low-cost rates to send as a gift shipment...no matter which way you go you have the perfect gourmet confection gift!

OPTIONS (Select your desired mix of 4 quarter-pound portions):

Soft Peanut Brittle
Light and delicious (YES, it's actually soft!),  and melts in your mouth. Our #1 seller.
Allergens: Peanuts. - But contains no gluten, dairy, egg, soy, or tree nuts, and is vegan-friendly by the nature of the ingredients.

Apple Brandy Toffee (RSB original creation!)
Christian Brothers Apple Brandy® cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with dark chocolate and crushed walnuts. Such a delightful flavor this is our #2 seller! 
Allergens: Dairy, soy lecithin, tree nuts.

Cinnamon Whisky Toffee (RSB original creation!)
Fireball Whisky® cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with dark chocolate and crushed cinnamon candy. A most delightful flavor combination, and our newest liqueur-based specialty creation!
Allergens: Dairy, soy lecithin

Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Bark (RSB original creation!)
Gourmet coffee ("Nicaragua" roast from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a dark chocolate base layer. Top layer of white chocolate, with our crushed chocolate hazelnut brittle and chocolate-covered espresso beans. A stronger/bolder espresso flavor note (more "espresso punch") but this well-balanced with the white chocolate.
Allergens:  Dairy, soy lecithin, tree nuts.

Double Chocolate Salted Caramel Bark
Dark chocolate base layer. Top layer has salted caramel with white chocolate swirls, topped with caramel bits, and crusted with sea salt. We went heavy on the salt. Because it's how we like our salted caramel.
Allergens: Dairy, soy lecithin.

Caramel Macchiato Bark (RSB original creation!)
Gourmet coffee ("Peru" roast from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a white chocolate layer. Top layer of vanilla-infused which chocolate swirled with caramel and topped with white chocolate-covered espresso beans. A sweeter/milder coffee flavor note, just like the popular coffee drink. 
Allergens: Dairy, soy lecithin.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Dark Chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed peppermint topped with bits of peppermint candies. The most well-balanced peppermint bark anywhere. 
Allergens: Dairy, soy lecithin.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark
Milk chocolate, hot cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and a swirl of white chocolate...all topped with marshmallow bits. The perfect blend of sweet and hot. Sweet, but not too sweet. Hot, but not too hot. Allergens: Dairy, soy lecithin.

LEAD TIME & SHIPPING: This is a built-to-order and will normally ship within 3-4 business days. We are happy to offer flat $10 economy shipping on our products (up to 3lbs), flat $15 UPS 3-Day Select, or flat $20 UPS 2nd Day Air.  See note below on cold pack shipping.

Shipping in the heat
Warm Climate Note: 
If shipping to a part of the country with ambient air temperature above about 80°F (Phoenix, Miami, Houston, etc), the chocolate in this item will melt during transit We highly suggest using USPS Priority - INSULATED COLD PACKED shipment to preserve this item during transit to those locations (available at extra cost).