Custom 2LB Gift Box (4 half-pounds)
Two pound 4-item gift box

Custom 2LB Gift Box (4 half-pounds)

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(NOTE: If you are looking for a 2lb gift box with ONLY SOFT PEANUT BRITTLE, those are available here at a lower price)

Brittle. Chocolate. Toffee. 
Get them all in one delicious build-your-own custom box!

Select any four 1/2lb choices of our delicious gourmet candy to fill a two-pound box! 

Treat yourself, take it as a gift to your next get-together or corporate party, or use our low-cost rates to send as a gift matter which way you go you have the perfect gourmet confection gift!

The 2lb custom gift box is a black gloss box with our signature black-and-white tissue and crinkle paper inside. 

OPTIONS (Select your desired mix of 4 half-pound portions):

Soft Peanut Brittle 
Light and delicious (YES, it's actually soft!),  and melts in your mouth, this is a regional delicacy here in the Inland Northwest. We didn't come up with the idea of soft peanut brittle, but we're seeking to perfect it!
Allergens: Peanuts. - But contains no gluten, dairy, egg, soy protein, or tree nuts, and is vegan-friendly by the nature of the ingredients.

Bacon Peanut Soft Brittle (RSB original creation!)
We use a cured hickory-smoked maple bacon...quite literally the MOST bacon we could stuff into this and still have the candy hold together. A serious bacon-lovers' treat.
Allergens: Peanuts. - But contains no gluten, dairy, egg, soy, or tree nuts.

Chocolate Hazelnut Soft Brittle (RSB original creation!)
This one is for the Nutella® lovers. It took us over a year to perfect, but it's our soft brittle made with this glorious chocolate-hazelnut spread.
Allergens: Tree nuts, dairy, soy lecithin
Apple Brandy Toffee (RSB original creation!)
Christian Brothers Apple Brandy® cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with a semi-sweet (47%) Belgian chocolate and crushed walnuts. 
Allergens: Dairy, tree nuts.

Cinnamon Whisky Toffee (RSB original creation!)
Fireball Whisky® cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with a semi-sweet (47%) Belgian chocolate and crushed cinnamon candy. A most delightful flavor combination, and our newest liqueur-based specialty creation!
Allergens: Dairy

White Russian Toffee (RSB original creation!)
This delightful confection is our take on the popular layered bar drink. Stolichnaya® vodka and Kahlua® in delightfully smooth brown sugar English Toffee layer, covered in smooth white (24%) Belgian chocolate with a thin ribbon of Belgian milk chocolate. 
Allergens: Dairy

Nutty Irishman Toffee (RSB original creation!)
Baileys Irish Cream®, Frangelico®, and Disaronno® Amaretto cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with creamy white (24%) Belgian chocolate and crushed almonds. This is like the popular bar drink, but where the drink uses heavy cream our white chocolate gives you the same flavor effect! 
Allergens: Dairy, tree nuts.

Tennessee Whiskey Toffee (RSB original creation!)
George Dickel Barrel Select® Tennessee Whiskey cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with creamy white (24%) Belgian chocolate and crushed brown sugar rock crystals. A delightful flavor journey that starts sweet and finishes with the ultra-smooth flavor of the whiskey.
Allergens: Dairy

Pumpkin Spice Martini Toffee (RSB original creation! - SEASONAL FLAVOR available Labor Day through Christmas)
Smirnoff® vanilla vodka and our blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove in delightfully smooth brown sugar English Toffee layer, covered in smooth white (24%) Belgian chocolate topped with even more spices!
Allergens: Dairy

Spiked Peanut Butter Cup Toffee (RSB original creation!) - 1/4lb bag
Skrewball® peanut butter whiskey flavoring the brown sugar English Toffee layer, topped with Belgian milk chocolate, and heavily coated in crushed soft peanut brittle (just the peanut pieces). For the chocolate-and-peanut-butter aficionados, this one absolutely hits perfectly.
Allergens: Dairy, peanuts

Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso (RSB original creation!)
Gourmet coffee ("Nicaragua" roast from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a semi-sweet (47%) Belgian chocolate base layer. Top layer of white (24%) Belgian chocolate, with our crushed chocolate hazelnut brittle and chocolate-covered espresso beans. A stronger/bolder espresso flavor note (more "espresso punch") but this well-balanced with the white chocolate.
Allergens:  Dairy, tree nuts.

Double Chocolate Salted Caramel
A semi-sweet (47%) Belgian chocolate base layer. Top layer has salted caramel with Belgian white chocolate swirls, topped with caramel bits, and crusted with sea salt. We went heavy on the salt. Because it's how we like our salted caramel.
Allergens: Dairy

Caramel Macchiato (RSB original creation!)
Gourmet coffee ("Peru" roast from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a white (24%) Belgian chocolate layer. Top layer of vanilla-infused white chocolate swirled with caramel and topped with white chocolate-covered espresso beans. A sweeter/milder coffee flavor note, just like the popular coffee drink. 
Allergens: Dairy

Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark (SEASONAL: Available October-December each year)
A semi-sweet (47%) Belgian chocolate base layer, topped with white (24%) Belgian chocolate and crushed peppermint and bits of premium peppermint candies (with peppermint oil). The most well-balanced peppermint bark anywhere. 
Allergens: Dairy

Mexican Hot Chocolate (RSB original recipe creation!)
Belgian milk chocolate, hot cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and a swirl of white chocolate...all topped with marshmallow bits. The perfect blend of sweet and hot. Sweet, but not too sweet. Hot, but not too hot. 
Allergens: Dairy

Triple Chocolate S'Mores (RSB original recipe creation!)
Layers of semi-sweet (47%) and white (24%) Belgian chocolate with melted marshmallow woven throughout, topped with chunks of Hersheys® chocolate, marshmallow bits, and Honeymaid® graham crackers.
Allergens: Dairy, graham flour (gluten).

ALLERGENS: Varies per the chosen items. Although we are extremely careful with cross-contamination and clean surfaces (one of our family has a life-threatening tree nut allergy and has safely eaten our other products for years now), these products ARE produced in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat flour.


COOLER SEASON: we offer flat rate economy shipping of $7 (under 1lb) or $8-12 (1-3lbs, by zones), plus other options indexed in real-time to the USPS and UPS rate tables. READ THE FULL ADVISORY on the shipping page during checkout, as there are no refunds for melted candy sent via economy shipping.

WARM SEASON: During warmer months where confections will melt in transit, we highly suggest you select insulated cold packed UPS 2nd Day Air. Obviously, it's a higher shipping cost, but we want your confections to arrive as pretty as they left our doors. To avoid our confections melting in transit over a weekend, cold pack shipments are sent out MONDAY-WEDNESDAY ONLY.

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