Corporate Accounts


Corporate Sales Accounts

Our goal in corporate sales is to make your gift budget go furthermake you look better with high touch classy gifts, and to save you time by taking gift-giving off your plate so you can focus on your core competency. When we do this successfully, we both win. 

Standard packaging is our black gift box with silver satin ribbon but of course, we can use your choice of holiday/seasonal or gift occasion ribbon as well.

RSB Signature Gift Boxes


OUR SIGNATURE BASKETS - black/white tray, Two color themes (Classic black & silver or Gala/Party black & gold):

The Soloist (6 items): $59 (left: classic theme - right: gala/party theme)


The Ensemble (10 items): $119

 Ensemble w/Classic theme

The Symphony (14 items): $179


Specialty Chocolate Bark: $12 per 1/2lb bag

Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso (RSB original recipe creation): "Nicaragua" roast gourmet coffee (from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a base layer of dark chocolate. Top layer of white chocolate, topped with our crushed chocolate hazelnut brittle and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Triple Chocolate S'Mores: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, and Hersheys® chocolate, Honeymaid® graham crackers crushed in the chocolate layers and scattered on top, mini marshmallows and marshmallow bits.

Double Chocolate Salted Caramel: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel, crusted with sea salt and topped with caramel bits.

Double Chocolate Peppermint: Dark chocolate and white chocolate with crushed peppermint candy.

- Caramel Macchiato (RSB original recipe creation): "Peru" roast gourmet coffee (from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a white chocolate layer, with vanilla and caramel swirled into the top layer, topped with white chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Mexican Hot Chocolate: Cinnamon, Nestle® Hot Cocoa Mix, and Cayenne pepper mixed into milk chocolate and swirled with white chocolate then topped with marshmallow bits. 

Bark Options

Liqueur-based Toffee Creations: $12 per 1/2lb bag
- Apple Brandy Toffee: English toffee base layer (cooked with Christian Brothers Apple Brandy®), topped with a layer of dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed walnuts. 

- Cinnamon Whisky Toffee: English toffee base layer (cooked with Fireball Whisky®), topped with a layer of dark chocolate and dusted with crushed cinnamon candy. 

Corporate Account options:

OPTION #1) SHIP FROM YOUR LOCATION (save money with bulk purchasing):
If you wish to give gifts directly, order the bulk-pack gift boxes on our site (we accept all four major cards and PayPal). 
1/2lb Gift Box Bulk Pack (minimum qty/12):  $9/gift box (peanut) or $12/box (chocolate-hazelnut)
1lb Gift Box Bulk Pack (minimum qty/12):     $14/gift box (peanut) or $20/box (chocolate-hazelnut)

OPTION #2) DROP SHIP ON-DEMAND FROM OUR LOCATION (The "time saver" for busy professionals)

You provide us with a payment method, and we individually ship out each gift box or gift basket on demand as you close a deal, or in a single order (e.g. Christmas client gifts with multiple recipients).

1) You email us the recipient's name, shipping address*, desired gift box or gift basket, and gift note content. This can even be done on an Excel spreadsheet per this example or just in a text document or email:
Sample Spreadsheet
2) We ship the gift per your instructions.
3) We email you tracking information with a sales receipt for your records.

* Many businesses like to set a default option (e.g. "1lb soft peanut brittle gift box with standard silver ribbon", shipped USPS Priority) But of course, you can select any size or style you wish either as a default option or with each order by request.

Gift Note & Thank You Card Branding
You are welcome to send us a stack of your company-branded thank you cards to keep at the ready, and we will write your desired note on your company's thank you card and include it with the gift. 

Flat rate shipping is $10 per individual gift box via USPS ground delivery (up to 3lbs). Of course, you can have us ship via any desired expedited method as needed up to USPS Priority Express service.


Putting on an upscale event where an ounce or two of gourmet candy would fit in perfectly? Wedding Event Coordinator needing to provide guest book table favors that go "beyond the mints"? Sales manager putting together gift bags to make an impression at a sales event? Charity needing table favors for a fundraiser gala event? Corporate gift committee putting together a basket of "Made in Idaho" specialty foods? We have your solution.

Individually-wrapped 1-oz favors (Soft Peanut Brittle) start at $1.60 each, and the price goes down with volume (as low as $0.70 each at 1000+). The 2-oz favors start at just $2.60 each (as low as $1.40 each at 1000+). 

Chocolate-Hazelnut soft brittle and specialty chocolate bark favors start at $2.40 (1-oz) and $4.80 (2-oz) each, respectively.


Most orders for boxed candy ship the following business day. Bulk packs and orders of 10+ gift baskets may require several business days. Orders of 50+ gift baskets generally take 10-15 business days. So please plan accordingly. 

For larger orders (especially around major holidays), we request as much advance notice as possible. While we make every effort to "burn the midnight oil" here and get orders filled quickly, the later an order is placed the more likely our production schedule will fill up. For large Christmas orders, we strongly recommend placing your order by 11/1 if possible.


To set up a corporate account or have us quote an order, please call us at (208) 610-1880 or email [email protected]

2020 Sales Sheet (BEING UPDATED)

Reseller/Retailer Accounts

We're growing our base of retailers! We're happy to work with upscale candy shops, gift shops, and specialty/gourmet food stores that are a good fit with our overall branding and target audience. To inquire about a reseller account, email [email protected] or call (208) 610-1880. 

If you're not in our local area, we are also happy to send samples of our most popular items. We know you'll love what we do! Please contact us to request samples.