Christmas Gift Basket (8-item)
Christmas Gift Basket (8-item)

Christmas Gift Basket - 8-Item

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A gift basket full of our gourmet confections!

The 8-item Christmas gift basket includes:

Soft Peanut Brittle: One Pound Gift Box
Light and delicious (YES, it's actually soft!),  and melts in your mouth. Our #1 seller.
Note: Contains no gluten, dairy, egg, soy, or tree nuts, and is vegan-friendly by the nature of the ingredients.

Apple Brandy Toffee (RSB original creation!): 1/4lb
Christian Brothers Apple Brandy® cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with dark chocolate and crushed walnuts. Such a delightful flavor this is our #2 seller! 

Cinnamon Whisky Toffee (RSB original creation!) 1/4lb
Fireball Whisky® cooked into an English toffee base layer, topped with dark chocolate and crushed cinnamon candy. A most delightful flavor combination, and our newest liqueur-based specialty creation!

Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Bark (RSB original creation!) 1/4lb
Gourmet coffee ("Nicaragua" roast from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a dark chocolate base layer. Top layer of white chocolate, with our crushed chocolate hazelnut brittle and chocolate-covered espresso beans. A stronger/bolder espresso flavor note (more "espresso punch") but this well-balanced with the white chocolate.

Caramel Macchiato Bark (RSB original creation!) 1/4 lb
Gourmet coffee ("Peru" roast from Abide Culture Coffee) Turkish-ground into a white chocolate layer. Top layer of vanilla-infused which chocolate swirled with caramel and topped with white chocolate-covered espresso beans. A sweeter/milder coffee flavor note, just like the popular coffee drink. 

Double Chocolate Peppermint Bark: 1/2lb
Dark Chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed peppermint topped with bits of peppermint candies. Our take on a timeless classic...but ours is the most well-balanced peppermint bark anywhere. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark (RSB original recipe!): 1/2lb
Milk chocolate, hot cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and a swirl of white chocolate...all topped with marshmallow bits. The perfect blend of sweet and hot. Sweet, but not too sweet. Hot, but not too hot. 

White/Dark Chocolate-dipped pretzel rods: 3

Size: 10" wide by 12" long. SHIPPED ITEMS ARE FLAT PACKED.

LEAD TIME: Gift baskets will normally ship in 3-4 business days. Larger orders have longer lead times.

For bulk purchase of this item, see our Corporate Accounts page on this website.

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