By-the-bag Confections (& boxed soft peanut brittle)

  • English Toffee English Toffee
    Our true brown sugar traditional English Toffees provide a truly unforgettable taste sensation with a delightfully tender texture. Our goal is complexity of flavor notes as we recreate some popular bar cocktails, and bring out new flavors with unique original recipes.
  • Soft Brittle Soft Brittle
    Our wildly popular Soft Peanut Brittle is an Inland Northwest favorite. We also offer two completely original creations: Chocolate Hazelnut Soft Brittle and Bacon Peanut Soft Brittle. We didn't invent the idea of soft brittle, but we're on a mission to perfect it!
  • Specialty Chocolates Specialty Chocolates
    With tempered chocolate for a pleasing “snap”, we have several original recipe creations as well as our own take on several popular flavors. Some of the most perfectly-balanced flavor journeys you will experience in a premium chocolate.