Brittle Candy Dessert Topping (12oz Shaker)

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The perfect soft brittle candy topping for your dessert!

When our family was eating vanilla bean ice cream recently, our son suggested crushing up our brittle candy and putting it over our ice cream. Well, of course it was absolutely heavenly. We just don't know why we didn't think of it sooner! Choose from soft flaky smooth peanut brittle (peanut candy, no peanut chunks) or our new Chocolate-Hazelnut smooth brittle, shredded to easily shake or pour over any dessert, packed into a 12-ounce shake/pour container with freshness seal.  

As with our soft peanut brittle, the smooth peanut brittle topping is Gluten-free & Dairy-free. The Chocolate-Hazelnut brittle topping is Gluten-Free but DOES CONTAIN DAIRY.

For those needing to get gifts sent in a hurry (or for you serial procrastinators or forgetful types), we also offer expedited services including USPS Express. It all depends on how quickly you need to get our candy to that peanut brittle fanatic in your life....or just to your own front door.

Orders normally ship the following business day. If you need something out same-day, please call us.


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