Reseller/Retailer Accounts

We're growing our base of retailers world wide!

We're happy to work with upscale kitchen/culinary stores, gift basket companies, gift shops, specialty/gourmet food stores, boutiques, unique candy stores, and other similar establishments that are a good fit with our branding goals and target audience.

We provide industry standard keystone margins, and we really work to support to our retailers.

We are selective about where we place our products, and we endeavor not to saturate an area with too many retailers, as we want our retail /reseller partners to be successful.

If you're not in our local area, we are also happy to send samples of our most popular items. We know you'll love what we do! 

To inquire about a reseller account and/or request samples, email [email protected] or call (208) 610-1880.

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