About Us

Pamela and Todd

Pamela Robinson, Owner
Todd Robinson, Director of Sales & Marketing
Hayden, Idaho

Our mission is simple...to use fine confections to connect people...
to their past, to their roots, to each other...
or simply to provide a moment of sweet escape in a frenzied world.


Pamela, a single mom with 3 boys, was known for her creative specialty cakes, elegant wedding cakes, and decorative cookies. 

Todd , a widower with 4 daughters, was an entrepreneur who had previously launched a media agency & CGI software company, a motorcycle racetrack school, and a motorsports parts business.


We met in 2017, married the following year, and settled into a very happy life together.

With the combination of business experience and culinary talent, the timing was perfect to launch a gourmet confectionery. We are very appreciative for the overwhelming response to our candy, and the opportunity to work together doing something we love that brings happiness to so many people.

Robinson Soft Brittle: Proudly made in Idaho

Treasure Valley (Idaho) - Independent Sales Rep
Driggs Jessup (208) 573-4720

Husband (married 45 years); 5 children and 10 grandchildren
President/owner of Jessup Enterprises: 43 years
Speaker/Trainer for multiple business organizations: 15 years
Nampa School District Staff: Columbia HS, 13 years
Driggs Jessup