About Us

Pamela & Todd

Pamela Robinson - Founder & Owner
Todd Robinson - The Spreadsheet Guy
Hayden, Idaho


Pamela, a single mom to 3 boys, was known for her creative specialty cakes, elegant wedding cakes, and decorative cookies. 

Todd , a widower with 4 daughters, was an entrepreneur who had previously founded a media agency and a CGI software company during the dot-com era, a motorcycle racetrack school, and a motorsports parts business.


Todd & PamelaWe met in the summer of 2017, married the following year, and settled into a very happy life. We love working together, spending our free time together, and apart from our kids (and now a grandson) our favorite thing to do is ride motorcycles.

We really feel this business has been a community effort. Everyone from our mail carriers to our family and friends and fellow small business owners have been such a vital part of us becoming a thriving business amidst some really difficult times.

Robinson Soft Brittle: Proudly made in Idaho